Primal Fitness: Functional Fitness for Kids, Teens & Legends

Support your children on your own fitness journey by attending our adult only classes or Personal Training.

We are committed to getting children moving the Primal way! Take them back to basics and build strength and resilience in their health and fitness goals

Get ready to ignite your strength, improve mobility, and embrace a healthier lifestyle with our expert trainers leading the way.

Located within the vibrant community of Dubai British School Jumeirah Park

Lets get strong and move the Primal Way!

Why Choose Primal Fitness?

Functional Movement for Play & Sport

Primal Fitness is your gateway to mastering functional movement patterns. Our programme are carefully crafted to suit the needs of children of all ages, making the gym a safe space for children as young as 6!

Cross Fit-Inspired Training

Our expert trainers draw inspiration from the Cross Fit methodology, combining elements of strength, conditioning, and high-intensity workouts. We are focused on teaching children the most fundamental basic movement patterns that will support them in play and sport to prevent injury and build strength in every day life.

Personalized Programme

Our highly qualified team of Personal Trainers and Cross Fit coaches are on hand to work with children or adults on their personalised fitness goals.

Engaging Workouts

We believe that functional fitness is a sport! There is always something new to learn and anyone can do it. The workouts can be scaled for beginners or the intensity can be increased to push even the fittest athletes.

Community Support

Join a thriving community of Kids, Teens & legends who have worked hard to build a safe space for children to get fit and active without the pressures of a sport. We believe fitness should be a big part of every day modern life, as we face a huge decline in children playing outdoors.

Programme That we Offer

Explore Our Range of Classes:

Kids Functional Fitness

Introduce your children to the world of functional fitness with our engaging kids' classes. Through age-appropriate exercises and activities, we promote proper movement patterns, coordination, and a lifelong love for fitness.

Teen Functional Fitness

Empower your teenagers with our specialized functional fitness programme. Our trainers will guide them through challenging workouts that build strength, enhance athleticism, and boost confidence.

Parent & Teacher Fitness

As a parent or teacher, it's essential to prioritize your own well-being. Our exclusive classes cater specifically to parents and teachers, providing a supportive environment to improve fitness, manage stress, and enhance overall health.



2.45 PM - 3.30 PM
2.45 PM - 3.30 PM
12 PM - 1 PM
3.45 PM - 4.30 PM
4:30 PM - 5.15 PM
9 AM - 10 AM


KIDS Functional Fitness: 2.45PM – 3.30PM

TEENS Functional Fitness: 3.45PM – 4.30PM

KIDS & TEENS Functional Fitness 4.30PM – 5.15PM

Please note that our schedule is subject to change, and we offer additional special events and workshops throughout the year. Make sure to check our website or contact us for the most up-to-date schedule and any upcoming events.

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