About Us

Our Story

Primal Fitness was born out of Amanda’s personal journey and discovery of the profound impact that Cross Fit-style movements can have on developing foundational movement skills in children.

As a former athlete and fitness enthusiast, Amanda witnessed firsthand the immense benefits of functional fitness for adults. However, it was when she started her own family that she realized the importance of starting fitness education early.

When Amanda’s children began participating in various sports, she noticed a recurring theme – many young athletes lacked the fundamental movement skills necessary for optimal performance and injury prevention. Determined to make a difference, Amanda embarked on a mission to bridge this gap and create a fitness program specifically designed to develop these essential skills.



Through extensive research and personal experience, Amanda discovered that Cross Fit-style movements were not only effective for adults but also highly beneficial for children. These functional movements, combined with proper coaching and a supportive environment, could lay the foundation for healthier lifestyles, improved sports performance, and enhanced overall well-being.

With this vision in mind, Amanda founded Primal Fitness, a place where kids, teens, parents, and teachers could experience the power of functional fitness in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. She assembled a team of expert trainers who shared her passion and commitment to empowering individuals of all ages to reach their full potential.

Meet The Team

Amanda McKeown

Amanda is the founder and owner of Primal Fitness and has been in Dubai for 16 years. She is a mum of two and has a huge passion for fitness and getting strong. She is an experienced level 3 Personal Trainer with many years of coaching and teaches classes including Les Mills, Body Pump, Combat, Attack, RPM and the old fashioned aeorbics and step classes back in the day! Cross fit is her passion and she trains 6 days a week, loves to weight lift and learn gymnastics movements as her sport and therapy. She has a huge passion for women in fitness, with a focus on getting strong to gain self confidence and building strength for life and better health. Her passion for working with children in this environment is something she wanted to do for many years after a career in behaviour therapy and working with children with additional needs.

Riz Khan

Coach Riz has been in Dubai for 5 years and is a highly experienced level 3 personal trainer and level 2 tennis coach who specializes in strength and conditioning training for sports performance. Riz has many years of experience coaching kids and adults in sports environments, running sports camp and coaching private tennis for high performance athletes. He has incredible energy with the kids that can’t be matched and has a great passion for getting kids fit and healthy. Riz also personal trains a number of our primal fitness parent legends at home and in the school gym. Working closely with the clients is a passion of his and the work he has done with them so far is incredible. He plays hockey for the Dubai hockey club as well as representing his country in the past, he is also an integral part of the Dubai paddling club where he was selected for the UAE national trials for the Asia games. Riz enjoys playing every type of sport in his spare time and is a cross-fit fanatic. Lifting weights is his favorite time of the day.

Bron Mileham

Bron is a very experienced Crossfit, Personal Trainer and swimming coach. She grew up right here in Dubai and has been working in the fitness industry for the last 6 years. Bron has a passion for weight lifting and teaching people how to lift, move and get strong. Bron herself is regular weight lifter and even owes her better mindset and wellbeing to the sport of Cross fit. Her passion is best seen in our workshops and team building activities with her never ending fun games to play to keep fitness fun. Bron has a huge passion for functional movement and injury prevention in kids and believes functional fitness helps to lay the foundations of healthy safe movements for play and sports. Bron loves to open swim and spends a lot of time at the public beach swimming against the waves enjoying the silence!

Our Approach To Fitness

At Primal Fitness, we take a holistic approach to fitness, recognizing that physical health is intricately connected to mental and emotional well-being. Our programs combine elements of functional movement, strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and conditioning to create a well-rounded and comprehensive fitness experience.

We firmly believe that fitness should be accessible and enjoyable for all. That’s why our classes are carefully designed to cater to different age groups and fitness levels, ensuring that each individual receives the appropriate level of challenge and support. Our trainers are highly skilled in adapting workouts to accommodate specific needs and abilities, guaranteeing a safe and effective training environment for everyone